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"Science Without Boundaries" OIST | NEWS CENTER, 19 October 2012 http://www.oist.jp/video/science-without-boundaries

"Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology / Nikken Sekkei + Kornberg Associates + Kuniken" ArchDaily, May 29, 2012 http://www.archdaily.com/238664/okinawa-institute-of-science-technology-nikken-sekkei-kornberg-associates-kuniken/

"Where Robots and Rats Play" The Economist, Science & Technology, November 26, 2011 http://www.economist.com/node/21540228     

"New Science & Technology Graduate University in Okinawa" October 28, 2011 http://www.oist.jp/en/press-room/press-releases.html

"An Idea Becoming Reality!" October 28, 2011 http://www.oist.jp/en/press-room/news-articles/151-2011/1209-idea-becoming-reality.html

"Japan's New Okinawa Institute Officially Becomes Graduate University" Dennis Normile, ScienceInsider, October 28, 2011  http://news.sciencemag.org/scienceinsider/2011/10/japans-new-okinawa-institute.html

"Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology" YouTube http://youtu.be/h4yP_Ltc97E

"OIST the Movie" YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/oistedu#p/a/u/1/qRWSFoIXikk

"Made in Japan: A new university on an island outpost looks set to succeed against the odds" Nature | Editorial, June 29, 2011. http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v474/n7353/full/474541b.html

"Okinawa Goes Recruiting: Research freedom proves trump card for interdisciplinary Japanese institute" David Cyranoski, Nature | News, June 29, 2011. http://www.nature.com/news/2011/110629/full/474553a.html

Speaking Engagements

AIA San Mateo County Chapter, June 22 Forum Meeting. Kornberg Associates' Founder and President, Ken Kornberg, and Brian Tucker, Founder/President of GeoHazards International, presented "Padang in Peril. What Can an Architect Do?"

Green Laboratory Design Conference, Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Ken Kornberg presented "Green Design for 21st Century Research Facilities"

ANFA, in partnership with UCSD, Salk Institute and NewSchool of Architecture & Design present ANF Interfaces, a series of discussions about emerging research at the intersection of Neuroscience & Architecture.  Ken Kornberg presented "Creating a Successful Research Campus for the 21st Century" using the Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology as the focus of his talk.

Lab Design Conference. Ken Kornberg presented the project "Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology"

Gene Acres 2009 Conference. "Trash Talk: Understanding the Biotech Laboratory Waste Stream & Ways to Reduce Its Cost & Environmental Impact" Presented by Ken Kornberg, President, Kornberg Associates Architects; Linda Barcomb, Senior EH&S Specialist, Schering-Plough Biopharma; Steve Mello, Manager of Operations, Schering-Plough Biopharma; and Arthur Mahoney, Principal, Hazard Solutions, LLC.

2008 Labs21 Conference. Ken Kornberg, President and Mike Mulvey, Managing Principal of the San Diego office of Kornberg Associates Architects presented "Resource Consumption in Labs, A Cultural Phenomenon"

Press Releases

Ken Kornberg part of a US Department of Commerce-led delegation to Beijing and Hong Kong for first Biotechnology Trade Mission:

Beijing Arrival Statement 101411.pdf

Under Secretary Sanchez to Lead Biotech Trade Mission to China 100611.pdf

FJS China Biotech Mission Participants Release 092011.pdf

"Significant Project Completed for Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research"

"Kornberg Associates Architects Completes UC Riverside Stem Cell Core Facility Project"

"Kornberg Associates Architects Selected to Develop Design for New Stanford University Imaging Center"

"Kornberg Associates Architects Selected to Design Research Areas of Malaysian Genome Institute"

"San Diego Facility Designed by Kornberg Associates Architects Serves as Gleaming Addition to Local Biotech Community"

"Kornberg Associates Architects Opens Tokyo Office, First Project Is Unique Graduate University in Okinawa"

"US Architect Teams Up with Japanese Firms to Design New Research Campus and Graduate School in Okinawa, Japan"

Articles / Publications

Research Without Borders - A book written by Ken Kornberg, Jon James and Waldek Kaczmarski of Kornberg Associates Architects which provides insights into designing places of science; published December 2013 in Japan in both English and Japanese.

"A World of Opportunity" Matt Alderton, gd&d magazine, July/August 2011

Sign on San Diego | Business July 8, 2011 Article by Roger Showley

"When work's slow, go abroad, local architect says. . . (Kornberg Associates') San Diego partner Mike Mulvey returned recently from a trip to Saudi Arabia and we posed these questions to him about his work and the state of architectural practice generally:

Q- What were you doing in Saudi Arabia?
We were approached by King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) to help program a new central lab core facility that will house extremely sensitive and specialized equipment used for materials analysis and testing. The intent is to create a facility that can be used by all university departments as well as by outside clients who will pay a fee to use the equipment which will help defray costs. It is also hoped that collaborative use of the facilities will increase efficient utilization of expensive equipment. We were also part of a team recently appointed by the Saudi Royal Commission for Yanbu and Jubail to design a new 500,000-square-foot medical education facility at Yanbu on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. This facility included the latest robotic patient simulation and clinical training facilities. Unfortunately that project was recently put on hold.

Q –What’s it like to work there?
Hot and dry, a bit like living in a hair-dryer. And that was in June - it gets a lot hotter in July, August and September! The people are sophisticated, knowledgeable, friendly and committed to the research and academic goals of the university. They realize that education is the key to the future and are creating the infrastructure to facilitate future, diversified industrial growth.

Q- How important is it for San Diego architects to solicit work abroad?
Our first priority will always be to supporting the local economy, but in tough economic times we can bring foreign-earned fees to California. Even in more prosperous times, having strong international links will always foster understanding and progress for all concerned. We also learn valuable lessons from international experience that may benefit our local work.

Q – What are some tips for winning a international commission?
Understand and respect the local customs and way of doing business. They may do things differently but we need to respect that and not try to change it -- our way is not necessarily the better way. Everyone speaks English, but some knowledge of their language and traditions will be appreciated.

Q – What other countries are you active in and what sort of work are you doing there?
We recently handed over the first part of the first phase of what will be a 2.5-million-square-foot graduate research campus on a spectacular new site in Okinawa, Japan. This campus was designed to attract the brightest and best researchers in the world. Even though Japan does not have LEED" (the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification program), the campus was designed to reflect environmental stewardship and sustainability while respecting the local cultural and historic context. The campus has now been open for just over a year and is proving to be very successful. [Kornberg's Japanese design partners are Nikken Sekkei of Tokyo and Kuniken of Okinawa.] We also recently completed the Brenner Centre for Molecular Medicine" on the National University of Singapore campus.

Other countries that Kornberg Associates has done projects in or been asked to advise on research facilities for include France, Malaysia, Dubai, Vietnam and Turkey . . .

roger.showley@uniontrib.com; (619) 293-1286; Twitter: rmshowley; Facebook: SDUTshowley"

Designing for Discovery- A book about Kornberg Associates’ 30+ years designing places of science, published in Japan in January, 2011.

Greener Labs: Sustainable Laboratory Design - ISBN978-4-86345-050-9 C3052. Mr. Kornberg collaborated with a Japanese publisher on the topic of increasing the environmental performance of laboratories. The book was introduced at a Green Laboratory Design conference in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. It is available in Japanese only via Maruzen. (http//planet.maruzen.co.jp)

"Trash Talk" Ken Kornberg, President, Kornberg Associates Architects, Lab Design Handbook

"Resource Consumption in Labs: A Cultural Phenomenon" Ken Kornberg, President, Kornberg Associates Architects, Lab Design Newsletter

"Obsolescence & Sustainability" Jon James, Managing Principal, Menlo Park Office, Kornberg Associates Architects. Lab Design Newsletter

"Laboratory Design and the Marquee Architect" Roger Lynn Spears, AIA, The Lab Design Handbook