Kornberg Associates Architects


Tanabe Research Laboratories

Tanabe Research Laboratories, USA, Inc.

San Diego, California, USA. The architectural form is the fusion of a triangle and a circle.  At the center of this form is an outdoor courtyard with a bamboo grove and rock garden.  The circle surrounds the glass entry and administration offices.  Two legs of the triangle provide areas for chemistry and biology research, and the third leg is a 125’ long span beam, which is suspended over the central bamboo and rock garden.  This courtyard provides both light and a pleasant view for the administration and scientists’ offices.  At the apex of the triangle is the library, which enjoys a 270° panorama of the Pacific Coast.  Facing the library at the intersection of the two research wings are the computer lab and fax/copier/coffee station.

This project was the recipient of R&D Magazine's Laboratory of the Year Special Honors award.